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01 Mar 2009
Roadmap for wp-reactions

I have already had some feedback on wp-reactions, which is great! The plugin was downloaded more than 50 times in the first 12 hours of being online, which I’m really pleased about. What I want to do is share with you guys the direction I will be taking the plugin in. I will link to this post from the plugin page and keep it up to date as new releases come out.

Current Features (version 0.6.6)

Features that are working in the current version:

  • Add reactions to new posts. 100% complete

  • Manage reaction descriptions for future posts. 100% complete

  • Ability to apply reaction updates to all existing posts (not just new ones). 100% complete

  • Add CSS classes to the generated markup to allow authors to style the form as they see fit. 100% complete

  • Include an option to add ‘question’ text before the reaction form. 100% complete

Upcoming Features

Features that I am currently working on:

  • Have different sets of reactions for posts in different categories. 0% complete

  • Add a cookie/IP based filter to prevent users from posting the same reaction multiple times. 0% complete

Future Features

These are features that I want to include in the plugin at some point, but do not have a concrete plan for yet:

  • Stats Tracking. 0% complete

  • Give authors the option of making the reactions mutually exclusive (i.e. Users can only check one reaction per post). 0% complete

  • Internationalize plugin. **0% complete **

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