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15 Aug 2011
Apps That I'd Like to Write but Won't

Like many people in my field, I have the dream of one day starting my own company and making a fortune from it. That’s not happening just yet, but I have no shortage of ideas for when I do!

Citizen-Powered Real-Time Transit Schedules

Basically foursquare for buses, you’d ‘check in’ when you got on a bus and that data would be used to adjust the timetable for anyone further down the route. This is mainly useful where real-time transit data is not available through official channels (e.g. Ottawa).

Seating Advice for Long Trips

You enter the trip you’re taking (train, plane, coach etc.) and the app figures out which side of the vehicle you should sit to get shade and/or see points of interest. Traveling from Ottawa to Toronto on the train? Sit on the left side so that you’ll get a view of Lake Ontario on the way by. Things like that.

D&D Counter Generator

Around the time I wrote this post I was seriously considering creating a Dungeons and Dragons token generator that would allow you to make your own monster counters based on the designs I did and then download them as a pdf. The money-making part of this idea is that you’d be able to order nicely printed versions on pre-perforated card that would last longer and be generally higher quality.

Thanks for reading! If you like my writing, you may be interested in my book: Healthy Webhook Consumption with Rails

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