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27 Feb 2012
Dashboard Update

Previously I wrote about creating a weather widget for Geckoboard. Here’s the current state of things:

  1. Calendar: Built in widget, with custom text size to make it more readable

  2. Date and Time: Another built in widget.

  3. Weather: Covered last time, it takes weather info from Yahoo and displays it.

  4. ToDo List: A placeholder for now, but will display a particular shared note from Evernote that we can fill with important things we need to do.

  5. Weasels!: Geckoboard has an image widget, so I wrote an endpoint that looks like a  jpeg but fetches a random image from a person’s Flickr photostream and returns it. Every time the board refreshes, Tada! New image. In our case, it’s usually embroidery or ferrets.

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